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  • Micro processor based design to  provide quick and accurate testing of standard and avalanche rectifiers, diodes and diode trios
  • Measure the entire rectifier automatically in 6 seconds with optional test fixtures, or test each diode individually with the Kelvin test clips
  • Measured parameters include; Diode Forward Voltage Drop, Reverse Break Over Voltage, and Reverse Leakage Current.
  • Programmable part number profiles include Pass/Fail limits for diode trio, rectifier, and avalanche diodes.
  • Programmable test conditions applied during testing include; Reverse Voltage, Pulse Width Time, and Load Test Current
  • Able to check rectifier with stator connected
  • GOOD/BAD diode test result indication on-screen and with an audible beep
  • HIGH/LOW indication for measured parameters outside of the limits
  • Automatic selection of leakage current test voltage
  • Easy to program test specifications with pictures of various rectifier configurations
  • Self Diagnostic and Calibration Modes
  • Recognizes diode's polarity and automatically matches the test lead's polarity
  • Test limits are completely programmable by the operator
  • Part number database memory for all popular rectifiers
  • Optional enclosure and fixtures available for many popular rectifiers (enclosure and fixture in photo are optional)
  • Statistical report with streaming printout of test results
Technical Data Measured Parameters:
Breakover Voltage:  20-200 Volts
Breakover Voltage (optional):  20-400 Volts
Leakage Current:  0-999 Amps
Rectifier Current:  25-250 Amps
Diode Trio Test Current:  5-25 Amps
Voltage Drop:  0-2.55 Volts


•    Seven Diode Settings, 8, 6 or 1 Diode, 3 or 4 (+ ve) Diodes or 3 or 4 (- ve) Diodes
•    Check all 8 Diodes in a 4 Phase Rectifier
•    LED Display of Failure Modes such as Polarity, Bad Connections, High Voltage Drop, High Reverse Leakage and Avalanche Failure
•    Three Position Mode Switch:  tests Reverse Leakage, Avalanche Voltage or both Reverse & Avalanche Mode
•    Includes Wire Harness with Probes and Tester Manual
•    One Year Warranty

Ranges of Measure Parameters:
    Diode Forward Voltage Drop    0-2 Volts
    Avalanche Voltage        21V - 40 Volts
    Reverse Leakage Current    0-500 uAmps (0-.5 mA)
Measuring Accuracy:
    Diode Voltage Drop        1% +/- .02V
    Avalanche Voltage        +/- 1 Volt
    Leakage Current        1% +/- 5 uAmps

Measuring Speed: 8 Diodes - 3.5 seconds
Variable Pulse Test Current:  30-180 Amps

Reverse Leakage Settings -100/200 Volts (20V, Avalanche)
Power Supply - 110/120 Volt AC

Optional Test Fixtures:
T051-0350-1    For DR5040 & DR 5050
T051-0350-9    For DR5161 & DR5162
T051-0350-10    For FR192, FR192HD & FR192XHD
T051-0350-25    For Ford 3G 133mm
T051-0350-26    For 3G 147mm
T051-0350-29    For FR1270, FR1270B, FR1290, FR1290B, FR1292 & FR1292B

T051-0350-DTB     220 Volt Version
T051-0350-3    Test cable assembly allows multiple rectifiers to be tested on the T051-0350-CT, one product at a time
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Catalog - Page 10