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High Measurement accuracy
Full alternator signals simulation
Full car signals simulation
Fast testing time
Data Base for 1000 part numbers

D201-0007-CVTA is a microprocessor based voltage regulator tester.  The unit can test all types of voltage regulators with rated 6-32 operation voltage.  For precise regulator testing, alternator’s signals and car’s connection are fully simulated.  This tester can verify assorted special functions on the regulator, such as SSD, LRC, computer control, etc.  The test can simulate energizing of the alternator for TOS comparison.  The tester has built in protection against short circuit.  During the test, measured results are displayed and compared with preset limits.  The tester can store specifications for more then 1000 different parts.

Regulator rated voltage    6, 12, 24, 32 Volts


Computerized Voltage Regulator Tester

  • Micro Processor based voltage regulator tester for high measurement accuracy and high volume testing of solid-state voltage regulators
  • Test all types of solid state voltage regulators 6-32 Volt
  • Optional fully automatic pneumatic fixture and connections for high speed testing at the touch of a button
  • Voltage regulator can be tested quickly and accurately to ensure it will pass end of the line alternator testing and reduce early failures due to weak regulator components
  • Simulates all alternator signals to the regulator
  • Simulates all car signals including the on-board computer's signals to the alternator & regulator
  • Learning mode with comprehensive Wizard to identify terminals and regulator functions for extremely easy setup of new part number limits and test conditions
  • Verifies terminals & functions such as: COM, LIN, BSS, PWM, Remote Voltage Control, Sense, Ignition, Feedback Signal, AC Energize Circuit, Computer, Field Control, Lamp, Soft Start Delay, Load Response Control, and AC Terminal Output
  • Measures:  Voltage Set Point, Secondary Regulation, Fail Safe Voltage, Leakage Current, Instability to load and speed, Over/Under Voltage Indication, Voltage Saturation and checks regulator's diodes.
  • Programmable test conditions for:  rotor, regulator, transistor and diode test currents, rotor inductance, LIN, BSS & Remote Voltage Control and turn on methods.
  • Simulates and tests different lamp sizes and configurations
  • Simulates energizing of the alternator for TOS comparison
  • Simulates stator signal corresponding to 1000 to 6000 RPM
  • Built-in short circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • User configurable Pass and Fail reports and labels
  • Extended testing capabilities via custom test procedures
  • Controls for external reject valve, marking device, and reject bin signal
  • Statistical data recorded to test file via optional PC
  • Measures more then 150 Parameters
Technical Data Measured Parameters:
Voltage set point:  6-40 Volts +/- 0.1 Volt
Leakage current:  0-100mA +/- 0.1mA
Field switching frequency:  10-10000Hz
Field current:  up to 10 Amps
Lamp voltage:  0 to 30 Volts
Feedback voltage:  0 to 30 Volts
120V and 220V models available

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