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Dynamic Test Simulates Actual Operating Conditions
C451-2115-315  Tester with 3PH, 15HP
C451-2115-320  Tester with 3PH, 20HP

The rebuilders alternator tester. 
Heavy duty in every aspect from its unique full loading capabilites to its heavy duty variable speed operation. 
Test all type alternators
12/24/32 volt, negative or positive ground,
passenger types to heavy duty diesel including the late type alternators. 
Free spin starters both domestic and foreign.

•    Electronic variable speed control (inverter) with speed range controlled by potentiometer.
•    Speed range from approximately 800 to 7,000 RPM to make tests at OEM recommended output speeds and low RPM cut-in speeds
•    Heavy-duty watt saver motor designed for electronic variable speed inverters that ensure energy efficiency and quiet operation
•    Off/forward/reverse motor switch
•    “Electronic Variable Load Control” provides a uniform increase in load current while safely dissipating output current through a bank of heavy duty wire wound resistors which are fan cooled.  This feature eliminates the burnout problem associated with the old-fashioned carbon pile load
•    Diode ripple lamp shows if main diodes are shorted or open
•    Diode trio lamp simulates dash light operation on Delco 10SI and similar integral alternators including the late model alternators.
•    Oscilloscope plug connectors
•    Alternator harness for easy hook-up of foreign and domestic alternator test leads
•    Serpentine/V belt combination pulley
•    Heavy-duty D.C. power contactors
•    Heavy-duty field rheostat
•    ON/OFF main lamp
•    Heavy-duty hook-up leads and clamps
•    Modular design for easy servicing
•    Four 4 1/2” pivot and jewel analog meters
•    Voltmeter 0-18/36/54 volt scale shows alternator output voltage/integral voltage regulator controlling voltage
•    Ammeter 0-250/500 scale show output amperage
•    Ammeter 0-250 scale shows battery charging amperage, i.e. amount of current going into battery and not into load
•    Ammeter 15-0-15 scale shows rotor draw where applicable
•    Digital tachometer show alternator RPM adjustable to compensate for pulley size
•    A/B circuit switch
•    12/24/32 voltmeter range switch
•    Voltmeter external switch for testing stator voltage at “STA” and “R” relay terminal
•    Alternator output leads are dead until motor is turned on, or until battery ON switch is switched to ON position
•    Battery ON switch for constant battery voltage, if needed
•    Fully copper wound class B insulated transformers coated to resist moisture penetration
•    Field circuit and heavy duty transformers protected by circuit breakers
•    Sturdy heavy-duty cast iron mounting vise with alternator bracket for quick mounting and removal of alternators
•    1 1/4” hold down screw securely hold down heavy-duty alternators, generators and starters
•    Hinged belt guard
•    Free running 12/24/32 volt no load starter test
•    IGN “R” lamp to indicate proper “R” terminal operation on Delco starters

15HP Motor
3 Phase 230V
Electronic Variable Speed Control (inverter)
Watts output:    12V, 450A, 5400 watts,  24V, 225A, 5400 watts,  32V, 150A, 4800 watts
Shipping weight:    900lb
Measures:    39” x 48” x 30”
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Catalog - Page 41