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•    Fully automated precise testing for high volume applications at the touch of a button
•    Load test units up to 10kW
•    Measures more than 40 different starter
    parameters including free spin current and speed, solenoid current, contact voltage drop, and “R” terminal function
•    User configurable Pass and Fail reports and labels with performance curve plotting torque, power, speed and voltage
•    Computer controlled programmable 3000 Amp starter power supply with less than 200mV ripple, simulating 200-4000 CCA battery (0-30 milliohms)
•    Computer controlled 150 Amp programmable solenoid power supply, solenoid pull-in can be tested at a programmable reduced voltage during the test to insure operation under worst case conditions
•    Computer controlled programmable load with stall test function
•    Simulates engine starting and tests starter, solenoid, drive, and spring engage and disengage timing, this can reveal faulty components or assembly errors
•    Built-in oscilloscope, precise waveform analysis which can detect armature and commutator problems
•    Energy generated by the load is recuperated by the starter power supply
•    Can scan a full performance curve in less than 15 seconds which increases the accuracy by decreasing test result variation caused by temperature change
•    Automatic clamps hold starter during test
•    Supplied with flat screen color LCD monitor
•    Available in many working voltages: (220 to 480V @ 50/60Hz)
•    Programmable test cycle time as fast as15 seconds
•    Simulate engine firing with up to 10,000 RPM of the starter
•    Endurance test and Calibration modes
•    Test data logging with graphical display of test cycle for analysis

Starter current:  0-3000 Amps, 0.15%
voltage:  0-40 Volts. 0.15%
Starter speed:  0-20,000 RPM, 1%
Starter torque:  0-120+ NM
Solenoid current:  0-150 Amps, 0.2%
Contact voltage drop:  0-2.5 Volts, 0.2%
Starter efficiency:  0-100%
Starter output power:  0-10 kW, 0.5%
Starter input power:  0-50 kW, 0.5%

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Catalog - Page 67