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  • Endurance test of up to four starters at the same time
  • Duplicates engine compression stroke
  • Replaces live engine testing
  • Designed to deliver maximum capabilities, flexibility and accuracy optimized with extended measuring and documentation functions
  • Excellent choice for design and prototype labs. endurance testing, product quality assurance, component validation verification, and warranty analysis centers
  • Automated test with completely programmable scripting of test procedures
  • Proprietary starter ripple current analysis technique is able to detect, graphically display and quantify armature, brush, commutator, faulty connections and other problems, is synchronized to one revolution of starter armature
  • Engine cranking profiles provide complete control of the compression stroke pulsation's applied to the starter.
  • Engine Cranking Profile Generator for creation of new cranking profiles.
  • Performance test can be executed after programmable quantity of crank profile cycles
  • Captures Peak and Average:  starter voltage, current and torque via high speed data acquisition system.  High Speed Data also captured for: torque, current, starter voltage, contact voltage drop and speed.
  • Over Speed (over-run) capabilities up to 40,000 RPM
  • Uses the Ring Gear from the starter's application
  • Computer controlled programmable up to 1500 Amp power supply with less than 200mV ripple, simulating 200-2000 CCA batteries (0-30 milliohms).
  • Easy to use test specification editor for creation and editing of test conditions and specifications
  • Programmable limits for the quantity of individual and sequential starter failures before starter is dropped from the testing cycle.
  • Smart Delays for starter temperature monitoring, if the starter is above the maximum temperature the tester will skip the starter and continue with the next starter in the sequence.
  • Pause test feature allows a sample to be removed for analysis, testing can continue and later the sample can be placed back on the test and resume testing.
  • Expanded report capabilities.  User programmable report generator sends results to MS Excel for cranking cycle and performance report print out
  • Individual statistical files for each starter, previous results retrievable for display and analysis.
  • Expandable measuring system for custom requirements.
  • Temperature inputs and auxiliary analog channels available for customer defined measurements.
  • Over-Speed (over-run) capabilities up to 40,000 pinion rpm
  • Individual starter cooling fans with programmable fan on and fan off settings
  • Layout of tester and enclosure can be configured in a variety of configurations for ease of installation
  • Axial and Radial starter position adjustment system
  • Flywheel stop position can be controlled and varied with a Gaussian distribution
  • Provisions for external battery connections for use as the power supply
Measured Parameters:
Starter & Solenoid Voltage:  up to 50 Volts
Starter Current:  up to 2000 Amps
Solenoid Current:  up to 150 Amps
Contact Voltage Drop: 0-5 Volts
Motor Terminal Voltage:  up to 48 Volts
Engine Torque:  up to 1000 Nm
Flywheel Speed:  up to 4000 RPM
Starter Efficiency:  0-100%
Starter Output Power:  up to 2.5 kW**
Temperature, 8 insulated Channels:  -20 to 200 A C

** depends on gear ratio

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Catalog - Page 69