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This medium-heavy duty automatic starter tester for laboratory performance evaluation of industrial and automotive starters.  The machine is designed to deliver maximum capabilities, flexibility and accuracy, combined with extendable measuring and documenting function.  The unique characteristics of this tester make it the perfect choice for warranty analysis centers, design and prototype laboratories, departments for product and component verification and inspection.
•    Fully automatic test with completely programmable test procedure
•    Precise performance test based on 16 bit data acquisition system
•    Proprietary ripple analysis techniques able to discover and identify armature, brush and commutator problems
•    Built in endurance and duty cycle test mode for starter and component verification
•    Easy to use test specification editor.  New test specifications can be generated via built in statistical engine.
•    Expanded documenting capabilities.  Fully programmable report generator for performance printouts based on MS Excel
•    Built in database for test results and conditions.  Any test can be completely recovered and reproduced from the database at a later time
•    Expandable measuring interface.  Temperature inputs and auxiliary analog channels available for customer defined measurements
•    100% compatibility of the test specifications with our line of production testers

The D201-0064-ST is designed so the customer can fully modify and change the test steps, emulating different test procedures.  The test can be performed in any direction, from low to high or high to low RPM.  The test procedure is executed as sequence of predefined points.  Programmable delay or condition to continue can be inserted after every step.  This way the effect of the temperature on the test results can be minimized.  To maximize the accuracy of the machine, it is built on the base of 16-bit data acquisition system with auto zeroing before  every test.  The starter is bolted to very simple tooling, simulating actual vehicle mounting.  The tester measures direct torque via high accuracy torque sensor.  Optional tooling is available for reaction torque measurement.  The breaking torque is applied via servomotor.  The ring gear is manually adjustable in two coordinates to a position defined in the test specifications database.  The process of installation of new starter and preparation of the machine for new test is guided from the software via a set of programmable pictures and instructions.  After starter installation, the measuring process is fully automatic allowing repeated test without operator intervention.  This way unlimited number of endurance tests can be performed.  Endurance and duty cycle tests can be executed by reaching a certain condition, for example elapsed time or starter temperature.  For every test, a unique identification number is assigned.  All test results together with additional test information and calibration data are documented for future use.  After completion of the test, the results are passed to programmable report generator working with MS Excel templates.  The reports also can be printed based on old data stored in a dedicated database.  The software also includes test specification editor, calibration utilities, local and remote diagnostic mode etc.  Optional software for sound and vibration inspection using order analysis technique is also available.
Starter voltage        0-50 Volts
Starter current        0-4000 (0-2000) Amps
Starter torque        0-250 (0-100) Nm
Starter speed        0-20,000 RPM
Starter input & output power    0-50,000 Watts
Starter efficiency        0-100%
Solenoid hold current    0-50 Amps
Solenoid pull current        0-300 (0-100) Amps
Solenoid pull in voltage    0-50 Volts
Solenoid hold in voltage    0-50 Volts
Solenoid pull in current    0-300 (0-100) Amps
Solenoid hold in current    0-300 (0-100) Amps
Contact voltage drop        0-5 Volts
Starter stop time        0-30 seconds
Battery open terminal voltage    0-42 (0-24) Volts
Simulated battery resistance    0-30 milliohms
Battery resistance resolution    10 u ohms
Starter ripple current        +/- 100 Amps
Starter temperature        -100 to +400 C degrees
Auxiliary inputs        4X 0-50 Volts
Basic accuracy
    (except temperature, stop time)    +/- 0.1% +/-1
Temperature measuring accuracy    +/-1.0C degrees
Stop time measuring accuracy        +/- 0.1 second
Breaking torque range        0-3000RPM
Maximum number endurance cycles    30,000
Minimum test duration        3 seconds
Footprint                35 x 70” + 24 x 24”
Operating voltage            208-240VAC, 3 phase
Other voltages available via transformer
Other energy sources        compressed air, 60psi
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Catalog - Page 71