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Basic Alternator Generator Test Bench

•    12 & 24 Volts
•    5 HP, 230 Volts,
•    150 Amp Load
•    Choose your options below

•    Fixed loads at the touch of a button
•    140 Amp load as standard
•    Light indicators for Battery On, AC Ripple & Indicator Light for Diode Trios
•    Analog Meters are 4 1/2”, 0-150 Amps & 0-50 Volts
•    Field Control Rheostat
•    3-Step Pulley, 2 V-Grooves and 1 Serpentine
•    Internal & External Voltmeter Selector Switch
•    Field circuit, overload and short protected
•    On/Off Battery Switch
•    Full Output Button for non-internal regulated alternators
•    Heavy-Duty Manual Vice
•    Heavy-Duty On/Off Motor Switch
•    Test Leads must be purchase separately
•    Dimensions:  38” Deep, 27” Wide, 24” High
•    Weight:  M151-06-1650 Basic Model 200 pounds

M151-06-1650-1  Electronic  Variable Speed, 0-5000 RPM with tachometer
M151-06-1650-2  5 HP, 220V, 60Hz, 3PH (or 1PH), 200 amp load for variable speed
M151-06-1650-3  7.5 HP, 220V, 60Hz, 3PH (or 1PH), 250 amp load variable speed
M151-06-1650-4  7.5HP, 220V, 60Hz, Fixed Speed, 3PH (or 1PH), 250A load for variable speed
M151-06-1650-5  10HP, 220V, 60Hz, 3PH (or 1PH), 300 amp load for variable speed
M151-06-1650-6  2 Digital Meters
M151-06-1650-7  32 Volt Testing Capabilities
M151-06-1650-8  Motor Reversing Switch for Constant Speed Motor
M151-06-1650-9  Air Vice
M151-06-1650-10  Scope & Scope Output
An affordable, first of it’s kind update for New, Old & Homemade Test Bench Systems. 
Update to todays state of the art systems with a printer and personalized labels.

Alternator Test Bench with Printer
How much better would your quality be if you doubled your knowledge in alternator testing? 
Add a new dimension to your testing and a printed sales tool.

•    Microprocessor controlled
•    6, 12, 24 & 32 volt operation
•    Mounting and installation in less than 5 minutes
•    Leads indicate tests being performed
•    Digital display reads actual test results
•    Push pads turn on or select function to be performed
•    Protection for all necessary circuits
•    Shipped with complete operation manual
•    Simple and fast

Takes less than 15 minutes to hook up
Complete informational flyer available
“Customers believe what they read.”
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Catalog - Page 73