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C451-2107-1715  7 1/2 HP, Single Phase
C451-2107-3715   7 1/2 HP, Single Phase
The rebuilders alternator tester.  Heavy duty in every aspect from its unique full loading capabilities to its heavy duty variable speed operation.  Test all type alternators 12/24/32 volt, negative or positive ground, passenger types to heavy duty diesel including the late type alternators.  Free spin starters both domestic and foreign.


Watts output:   
12V, 175A, 2100 watts
24V, 87.5A, 2400 watts
32V, 65.62A, 2400 watts
Shipping weight:    370lb
Measures:    29 x 41 x 28”

•    Electronic variable speed control (inverter) with speed range controlled by potentiometer
•    Speed range from approximately 800 to 7,000 RPM to make tests at OEM recommended output speeds & low RPM cut-in speeds
•    Heavy-duty watt saver motor designed for electronic variable speed inverters that ensure energy efficiency and quiet operation
•    Off/forward/reverse motor switch
•    Exclusive “ELECTRONIC VARIABLE LOAD CONTROL” provides a uniform increase in load current while safely dissipating output current through a bank of heavy duty wire wound resistors which are fan cooled.  This feature eliminates the burnout probelm associated with the old-fashioned carbon pile load
•    Diode ripple lamp shows if main diodes are shorted or open
•    Diode trio lamp simulates dash light operation on Delco 10SI and similar integral alternators, including the late model alternators
•    Oscilloscope plug connections
•    Alternator harness for easy hook up of foreign and domestic alternator test leads
•    Serpentine/V-belt combination pulley
•    Heavy duty D.C. power contactors
•    Heavy duty field rheostat
•    ON/OFF mains lamp
•    Heavy duty hook up leads and clamps
•    Modular design for easy servicing
•    Four 4 1/2” pivot and jewel analog meters
•    Voltmeter: 0-18/36/54 volt scale, shows alternator output voltage/integral voltage regulator controlling voltage
•    Ammeter:  0-250 scale show output amperage
•    Ammeter: 0-200 scale shows battery charging amperage, i.e. amount of current going into battery and not into load
•    Ammeter: 15-0-15 scale shows rotor draw where applicable
•    Digital tachometer shows alternator RPM adjustable to compensate for pulley size
•    A/B circuit switch
•    12/24/32 voltmeter range switch
•    Voltmeter external switch for testing stator voltage at “STA: and “R” relay terminal
•    Alternator output leads are dead until motor is turned on, or until  battery ON switch is switched to ON position
•    Battery ON switch for constant battery voltage, if needed
•    Fully copper wound class B insulated transformers coated to resist moisture penetration
•    Field circuit and heavy duty transformers protected by circuit breakers
•    Sturdy heavy duty cast iron mounting vise w/ alternator bracket for quick mounting and removal of alternator
•    1 1/4” hold down screw securely holds down heavy duty alternators, generators and starters
•    Hinged belt guard
•    Free running 12/24/32 volt no load starter test
•    IGN “R” lamp to indicate proper “R” terminal operation on Delco starters
•    5HP Motor
•    Single or 3 Phase, 230 Volt
•    Electronic Variable speed Control (Inverter)
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