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(No Foam)

•    Biodegradable with no Chelants, Butyl or solvents
•    Rinses very clean with no residue
•    Designed to be used with water at only 5% to 7%, dilution
•    Safe to handle and use


•    The best product we have seen for rust removal, simply let it soak
•    Can be dumped down the drain
•    Water soluble
•    Safe to the skin
•    Nonflammable, No VOC’s
•    Contains no acids, bases or solvents
•    Will not attack steel without rust on it
•    1 gallon container


We now have a simple inexpensive system
that cleans your parts and cleans itself.

This system has a water based biodegradable solution that replaces the solvent you are now using in your shaker.  This solution is simply filtered and new solution is added as needed, there is no need to dispose of the solution.  A constant source of oil eating Microbes dispose of the remaining petroleum products in the solution.  An air pump supplies the necessary oxygen to keep the microbes alive and working even when the shaker is not in use.

•    Solution savings of 50% or more
•    Solution is continually cleaned, even when the shaker/wash tank is not running
•    Pleasant odor
•    Easy on your hands
•    Cleans even when the solution appears dirty
•    Does not leave a film
•    Easy to paint over
•    Ships via UPS Ground

Ordering Information:
M206-1000-KIT   Ven-Sol 1000 Kit   

Kit consists of:
M206-3161-5    Biodegradable Solution with Rust Prohibitor, 5 gallons makes up to 40 gallons when mixed with water   
C656-00FH   Basket, holds filter bag                                   
M206-2300    Filter Bag, 0.5 micron                                   
M206-2400-A  Hydrophobic Material, 8 lb. bag removes free oil for up to 2 months           
M206-2200-1    Microbes, 1 gallon of oil eating microbes                           
M206-2600    Aerator, 110V, to produce the oxygen needed to keep the microbes working

E456-DH Series and E456-XH Series - Pail Heaters for Plastic or Steel Drums

1.  The solvent is pumped through the shaker and  with the combination of Biodegradable Solution/Water, and the ceramic media, the parts are cleaned.
2.  The dirt, grease and oil containing solution flow out of the tub into the M206-2400-A Oil Absorbing Material, where the oil is removed and stored in the Hydrophobic Material.  The solution then flows into the M206-2300 Micron Filter Bag where the sand and small particles are trapped and held.  This filter bag traps particles as small as 0.5 microns.
3.  Now the free oil ie removed and filtered solvent flows into the tank where the cycle starts all over again.  This solution can be further cleaned by using Bio-remediation, M206-2200-1 Microbes and M206-2600 Aerator.

Note:  Depending on local and federal disposal laws, this oil and sludge residue may be disposable in your local land fill by adding more M206-2400-A Absorbing Material and allowing the material to dry out.  Check the local and federal disposal laws in your area before disposing of this material.   

Contact Dick Vensel @ 800-662-6099
for more information on this and other environmentally friendly cleaning method

Concentrated Biodegradable Water Based Cleaning Solutions
Now Available in Industrial Strength Concentrate
With or Without Rust Preventative

M206-3160-1  One Gallon without rust preventative
M206-3161-1  One Gallon with rust preventative
M206-3160-5  Five Gallons without rust preventative
M206-3161-5  Five Gallons with rust preventative

  • reduce your solvent expense
  • ideal for shaker as well as hand washing
  • save on Freight Costs with the concentrated formula
  • 1 gallon of concentrate make 6 to 8 gallons of cleaning solution
  • 5 gallons of concentrate makes 30 to 40 gallons of cleaning solution
  • Rust Preventative will ieep your parts looking good.
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