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•    Vibratory cleaning eliminates hand cleaning of many parts like field cases without removing the field coils and drive end housings
•    The rotation action of the media, acting as scrubbers in conjunction with the constant adjustable flow of the cleaning solvent, scrubs the parts and carries off the grease and dirt.
•    A typical cleaning cycle is 10 minutes
•    We do not recommned vibratory cleaning for rotors, stators, armatures, solenoids or regulators
•    We suggest using a pair of panty hose over the drain pipe to catch the heavy and large material removed
•    Updated design with spring hangers
•    Can be run with water base solutions.  We suggest C306-series on page 154  with a special tank
PART NUMBER C056-0300-PC C056-0650-PC
Capacity                   3 Cu. Ft. 6.5 Cu. Ft.
Liner                    1/2” Polyurethane 5/8” Polyurethane
Ceramic Media Required 150 lbs. 400 lbs.
Media supplied
150 lbs. 400 lbs.
Inside Tank Dimensions
30” H X 14” D X 14” W
35” H X 18 3/4” D X 18” W
Floor Space 36”H X 35 1/2” W X 24” D 44”H X 25” D X 48” W
7 Gallon Container w/submersible pump  
Standard    Standard
Rubber Sound Reduction Cover Standard                Standard
Solvent, suggested EPA Approved, see options
EPA Approved, see options
Solvent, required 
5 gallons minimum
5 gallons minimum
Motor                    1HP, 115V, 60Hz
3HP, 220V, 60Hz, 3 Phase
Pump                    17 Amps 9 Amps
Shipping Weight  
600 lbs. 1250 lbs.
Switch & Timer Optional

C056-0003 C056-0065
1    C056-0300-220    220 Volt version of C056-0300-PC
2    C056-0650-PC1   220 Volt, Single Phase version of C056-0650-PC
3    C056-1420    Hand Magnet - 5 lb. capacity

Replacment Parts:
C056-0300-MP    Pad
C056-0300-SCK    Conversion Kit - to upgrade to springs
C056-0300-DB    Polyurethane Liner
C056-0300-SK    Spring Kit
C056-0300-SR    Sound Reduction Lid
C056-0300-ST    Special Tank for water base solution