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6 Cu. Ft. Rubber Belt Barrel
Blast Wheel:
Wheel-Direct Drive 3600 RPM, 15” diameter with 8 blades, 2 1/2” wide, throwing at 300 feet per second for minimum cleaning time.  Wheel components available from multiple source suppliers
Wheel Housing:
Fabricated from 1/2” manganese (11-14%) work hardening steel with chrome alloy cast liners in line with the blast wheel.  Curved top liner and (2) end liners, easily removable.  Removable front plate for easy removal of wheel
Control Cage:
Adjustable for pattern locating

Conveyor Rollers:
Heavy duty with 2 - 3/16” shafting.  Front roll has helicoid type bar flighting to prevent abrasive build up between the belt and roller
Conveyor Belt:
Continuous, 4 Ply stacker construction with 3/8” drain holes standard or 1/4” and 3/16” optional.  Raised tumbling bars to insure tumbling of parts.
6 Cu. Feet, 1200 lbs.
3/8” abrasion resistant alloy steel on 28” dia. barrel heads with stainless flat head fasteners.  Barrel head seals made of 3/8” abrasion resistant alloy steel and also fastened with stainless flat head bolts.
Barrel Size:
28” diameter x 40” wide
Conveyor Speed:
17 feet per minute
Belt Protection:
Torque limit clutch with proximity sensor/motion detector, stopping machine functions if internal jamming should occur.  Prevents damage to conveyor belt.
Pitless, welded structural reinforced cabinet is fabricated from 3/8” steel plate.  Access holes in cabinet permit easy belt replacement and roll removal.  Swing open back doors for complete access.
Power Door:
Pneumatic air cylinder opens and closes door for full access to blast chamber.  Push button controlled.  Abrasion Resistant liners protect door and top of cabinet from wear.  Door baffle prevents works from wedging between door and conveyor belt.
Standard proven centrifugal 7” x 21 1/2” elevator.  Goodyear rubber belt with malleable elevator buckets.  Twin take-ups on head section for positive belt tracking.  Boot section has access for service and inspection.  Split boot pulley for easy belt installation.
Removable tray in cabinet hopper provides primary screening.
Abrasive Control:
Totally enclosed, fully adjustable field proven dipper valve design.  Maximum noise suppression.
18” gravity with compensation flow.  Adjustable permanent baffle for initial setting.  Screen for secondary screen.  24” separator with rotary screen optional.
Electrical Components:
Nema 12 electrical enclosure, thermal over load protection-all motors, fusible disconnect switch, 230/460 volt primary, 115 volt secondary control transformer for controls, blast wheel ammeter, oil tight push button. 15 minute abrasive cycle timer.  Timer controls both abrasive and blast wheel motor, hour meter standard.
Electric Motors:
T.E.F.C. Motors with ball bearings, 230/460 volt, 3 phase
Blast Motor:    20 HP/3600 RPM
Mill Drive:        1-1/2 HP/1800 RPM
Elevator Drive:    1 HP/1800 RPM
Safety Features:
  • Power door locked during blast cycle.  Blast wheel will not operate unless power door is closed and locked.  Adjustable timer holds door closed after blast cycle until abrasive braking has stopped wheel.  Door lock pin holds door in up position if door lift cylinder air is lost.
  • Automatic shutdown if internal jamming occurs.
  • Photo eye prevents door operation if beam is broken, assuring personnel safety and preventing door damage.
  • Noise Level:
  • Under 90 DB
Tumble Blasters:
6, 7, 12, 14, 22, 28, 34 Cu. Ft.
48”, 72”, 96”, S-T, Double Door and Multi-tables also available

RBDB Steel Shot Machine
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Catalog - Page 189