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Your best source for electrical applications, interchanges, buyers guide.
I have been using their information since the mid 60’s and I still use it today!
2010 Application & Identification Guide
for Passenger Car and Light Truck Alternators & Starters


  • Information from both OEM and non-OEM sources, from industry experts and rebuilders.
  • Consolidated OEM numbers into a meaningful, easy system that is easy for parts store employees, garage mechanics and warehouse salespeople to read and use.
  • Helpful suggestions made throughout the catalog, as well as notes to readers about unit similarities and differences.

Companion "PIC" illustration numbers for each part number allowing easy use in conjunction with either PIC-109 (Starters) or PIC-208 (Alternators)


  • The Application Section is broken down to the lowest common denominator whenever necessary. The GM, Ford and Chrysler, as well as most of the imports, are broken down to year, model, engine size, standard and optional possibilities, and, if needed, a statement as to the similarities or differences between them. This allows the user to “zero” in on the exact unit needed. It is very important here that all questions are answered correctly, or a wrong installation may occur. These days, a wrong installation can easily go unnoticed until symptoms occur - symptoms that are not always clearly traced back to the sale. Included in the alternator section is pulley information on many of the applications. The abbreviations used here are quite simple - “V” for V-Groove Pulley (followed by how many grooves), and “S” for Serpentine Pulley (also followed by the number of grooves). A specific number in this column (used on Delco, Ford and Chrysler late model applications) refers to the pictures in the back of the catalog. This information allows the user to install the correct pulley, should there be some doubt as to which pulley belongs on the application.

  • The Interchange Section in the back of the catalog is a great tool for exactly matching replacement units. The user can simply cross the number found on the old unit into the replacement unit they need. This is the best way to verify a match, should questions, or problems, occur. Superseded part numbers can be found in the interchange section under “Lester Old”.

  • The Buyer’s Guide lists all of the Part numbers and which years and make of vehicle they fit. This may help in setting up a model inventory stock.


2005 Armature & Rotor Guide
Specification Guide

Includes interchanges, where used, pictures, specifications and more.  This is by far the most comprehensive publication of its kind.
2009 Agricultural & Industrial Application Catalog

2009 Application & Identification
Agricultural & Industrial for Alternators & Starters

Over 750 pages of agricultural and industrial applications, interchanges and buyers guide.  This is the most complete manual of its kind.
2009 Marine Application Catalog

2009 Application & Identification
Alternators & Starters for Marine

180 pages of marine applications, interchanges, buyers guide and photos.  Covers inboard, outboard and personal watercraft.  Verify the correct part with our photo and spec. guide.  Includes Tilt/Trim Motors.



Power Sports Catalog

•    92 page Application and Identification Catalog for small engine vehicles.
•    Covers ATV’s Motorcycles, Utility Vehicles, Snowmobiles, Personal Watercraft and more.
•    Look up  alternators and starters by application or OEM and Aftermarket  part numbers.
•    Confirm applications in the photo section

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Tools Index On-Line Catalog
Catalog - Page 296