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(High temperature rotor slip ring ceramic cement)

•    Resists temperatures up to 1740 degrees Fahrenheit
•    Adheres to practically all surfaces that are free of paint, varnish, oil or grease.
•    Resists oil, electricity and most solvents.
•    Heat conductive and thermal shock resistant
•    Working time:  1/2 hour @ 70 degrees Fahrenheit
•    Curing time:  18 to 24 hours, to accelerate heat to
    180 degrees Fahrenheit
•    Mixing ratio:  3 parts powder to 1 part cement

Kit Contains:
1 can of powder
2 plastic bottles of cement
(Instant Adhesive)
2 ounce kit
This kit gives you the flexibility of being able to handle
    most all your quick set bonding needs.
Kit includes:
1 of     S109-0612 Quick-Weld #1 Low Viscosity
1 fluid ounce of low viscosity water thin cyanoacrylate adhesive used mainly for bonding close fitting parts or where penetration is needed.  Cures to a film strength of 5000 psi.

1 of    S109-0622  Quick-Weld #2 High Viscosity
1 fluid ounce of high viscosity (thicker) instant type adhesive used to bond irregular surfaces or when gap filling requirements are needed.  Cures to a film strength of 5000 psi.

1 of    S109-0650  Quick Set Activator
4 fluid ounces of activator for Quick-Weld adhesives or their  instant adhesives.  Can only be used to prime one of the mating surfaces to insure a successful bond.  Ideal for broken covers, brush holders and many other plastic parts
Primer/Activator, 2 fl. oz. Bottle
INTER-LOCKtm     Primer/Activator is a single component solvent based primer/activator designed to increase the cure speed of all IES Anaerobic Thread Lockers.  Ensures proper cure on inactive metals.  Ideal for cure below room temperature

Composition:  Heptane Solution
Color:  Green Liquid
Viscosity:  2 cps @ 25 degrees C
Specific Gravity:  .8 @ 25 degrees C
Drying Time:  30 - 70 seconds @ 20 degrees C.
Part Life On Product: more than 30 days

Highly flammable product.  Avoid product or product mist contact with naked flame and electrical equipment.  Under no circumstances should Primer and Adhesive liquids be mixed together.  Use only in well ventilated area.  See MSDS.

Spray or brush Primer on one of both surfaces.  Porous or large surfaces should have Primer applied to both surfaces.  Allow solvent to evaporate under good ventilation.  Apply adhesive or sealant to one or both surfaces and assemble immediately.

INTER-LOCK Primer/Activator is highly flammable.  Do not store near oxidizing agents or combustible materials.  Store in cool, dry location in unopened container at 46 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

For Assembly:
1    Clean all threads (bolt and hole) with a cleaning solvent such as S109-1700 or S109-4700 Super Clean and allow to dry.
2    Determine if the threads to be bonded are Active or Inactive Metals (refer to TYPICAL CURING PERFORMANCE section below.)  If material is an Inactive Metal, it may be necessary to coat all thread with S109-0700 INTER-LOCK Primer/Activator and allow 30 seconds to dry.  Priming is not required if the material is an Active Metal.  If unknown, it is always best to use the primer.
3    Shake thread locker thoroughly before use.
4    To prevent the product from clogging in the nozzle, do not allow the tip of the thread locker bottle to touch metal surfaces during application.
5    For Thru Holes, apply several drops of thread locker onto the bolt at the nut engagement area.  For Blind Holes, apply several drops down the female threads into the bottom of the hole.  As threads are engaged, compressed air forces the product upwards into the threads.
6    Assemble and tighten as usual.  When tightening to establish torque values, torque compensation is not required.

Cure Speed vs. Substrate
The rate of the cure will depend on the material used.  IES Thread Lockers will react faster and stronger with Active Metals.  However, Inactive Metals may require the use of S109-0700 to obtain maximum strength and cure speed at room temperature.  See box below.

Cure Speed vs. Temperature
The rate of cure will depend on the ambient temperature.
Full cure is attainable in 24 house at room temperature 72 degrees F.  or 1 hour at 200 degrees. F.

Cure speed vs. Primer
To shorten fixture time or if an inactive surface is present, applying S109-0700 to the surface will improve fixture speed.  Example: A 3/8-16 steel nut and bolt assembly will fixture in 5 minutes using a primer, while fixturing will occur in 20 minutes without a primer.  Full cure in 24 house for both procedures.

•    When removing any threadlock bonded fastener, heat should be used first
•    The surface must be clean and dry before apply Thread Locker

S109-0742    10 ML INTER-LOCK #42 BLUE
S109-0743    50 ML INTER-LOCK #42 BLUE
•    Medium strength
•    Designed for nuts, bolts & internally mounted fasteners

S109-0771    10ML INTER-LOCK #71 RED
S109-0772    50ML INTER-LOCK #71 RED
•    High strength
•    Designed for extreme shack, vibration & environmental conditions on fasteners up to 1 inch
•    Ideal for any thread you do not want to take apart again

S109-0790    10ML INTER-LOCK #90 GREEN
S109-0791    50ML INTER-LOCK #90 GREEN
•    A medium grade strength
•    Designed for pre-assembled screws, bolts & nuts aftertightening, due to it’s special wicking capability
•    Ideal for diesel alternators and any high vibration applications where threads are visible.
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