Cast Zinc Shot

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  • Cast Zinc Shot is a soft metallic shot for deburring, deflashing, and general blast cleaning and surface finishing of light metal castings and other non ferrous products. Cast Zinc Shot is also effective in blast cleaning rust and scale from iron castings and other ferrous parts without damage to part detail.
  • With a bulk density similar to steel, Cast Zinc Shot can deliver the energy for deburring and flash removal without leaving an aggressive surface profile. The resulting surface finish is very bright and evenly textured.
  • Cast Zinc Shot significantly reduces damage and wear on high-wear internal components like the impeller, control cage, wheel liners, blast wheel and blades.
  • Standard packaging is 25 lb. bags.


  • Cut Wire Equivalent:
  • Knoop Hardness:
  • S.A.E. Equivalent:
  • Shot Diameter:
.029/750 (Inches/Microns)

Applications for Cast Zinc Shot

  • Removing paint, powder coat, e-coat, etc.
  • Surface preparation for painting or coating
  • Surface finishing non-ferrous components
  • Removing ceramic from investment castings
  • Descaling and rust removal remanufactured parts

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