Ground Fault Analyzer

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  • Test rotors, stators, armatures, insulators, brush holders, field coils, field cases, ungrounded solenoids and solenoid coils.
  • Get audio and visual indication of the amount of leakage at 50, 250, and 500 Volts AC. (1000 VAC optional)
  • Get audio and visual indication on arcing. A buzzer will buzz (pulsating buzzer). The leakage led will flash rapidly.
  • Test cycle time per test voltage per individual contact: 50 VAC no time limit, 250 VAC five seconds off then auto off, 500 VAC five seconds on then auto off, 1000 VAC (optional) one second on then auto off.
  • High voltage safety test probes and foot switch protect operator
  • Once the voltage and level of leakage are selected, a beeper will indicate any excess leakage thus eliminating the need to look at the tester to know the condition of the part being tested
  • Indicate moisture grounds so you can correct them

  • Height:
  • Length:
  • Power:
110V, 60Hz
  • Weight:
18 lbs
  • Width:
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