Stainless Steel Grit

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  • Stainless Steel Grit is proven to be more durable and resistant to fracture than other abrasive. This durability advantage will be reflected in the overall cost of the shot blasting process.
  • Stainless Steel Grit utilizes its angular shape, high hardness, and high bulk density to deliver more energy to the parts being cleaned. Resulting surface profile is consistent, bright, and without ferrous contamination.
  • Standard packaging is 55 lb. bags.

Applications for Stainless Steel Grit

  • Surface finishing of non-ferrous components
  • Surface preparation prior to paint or coating
  • Removal of ceramic from investment castings
  • Descaling of non-ferrous heat treat parts
  • Cleaning and debluing of welded joints
  • Etching of plastic components prior to bonding
  • Anchor profiling for paint and powder coat adhesion

Durability (Life)

  • 30:1 vs Aluminum Oxide
  • 50:1 vs Glass Bead
  • 60:1 vs Garnet

Applications for Stainless Steel Grit

  • Cleaning Speed
  • 2:1 vs Glass Bead
  • 1:1 vs Garnet

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