Snap Ring Kit, Remove and Install Kit

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To displace & remove snap ring:
  1. Tooling is designed to be bolted to your work bench
  2. The holes in the back of the base tooling will displace the collar from the top of the snap ring
  3. The slots on the front of the base tooling will strip the snap ring out of its groove by pulling it down/striping the snap ring off the shaft
To install & seat snap ring:
  1. Put bullet over the end of the shaft
  2. Put snap ring on the bullet
  3. Take seating sleeve and push snap ring into the groove
  4. Then by lifting the drive up and tapping on the seating sleeve you would insert the snap ring into the lock cup
Kit contains:
  • A158-2504-UB Universal Base
  • All Five snap ring installers and lock cup seating sleeves, A158-2504-2 through A158-2504-6
Application Size Base # Installer &
Seating Sleeve #
Volkswagen .375 to .435, 9.52mm to 11.04mm A158-2504-2B A158-2504-2
Delco 5 & 10MT, Some Gear Reductions .420 to .480, 10.66mm to 12.19mm A158-2504-3B A158-2504-3
Delco Industrial, 10 to 35MT .455 to .515, 11.55mm to 13.08mm A158-2504-4B A158-2504-4
Bosch, Datsun and other import applications .520 to .580, 13.20mm to 14.73mm A158-2504-5B A158-2504-5
Bosch, Lucas, Nippondenso, Mitsubishi Industrial .625 to .685, 15.87mm to 17.39mm A158-2504-6B A158-2504-6
Note: Bases & Installer/Seating Sleeves can be purchase separately.
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